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Your website is a vital new business tool so it’s important to take stock of it every so often to ensure it is working as it should.

No website will ever last forever due to constantly evolving designs and technologies and the need to keep pace. However making a decision on whether it’s time to invest in a refresh can be tricky and it is best to get expert advice from experienced web designers such as the team here at Blue !

How do you know when it’s time for a website refresh?

In the meantime we’ve put together our list of the key signs that it’s time to service your website so that your company continues to flourish.

Traffic has dropped

Perhaps the most obvious sign is if the number of visitors to your site is declining.  When this happens it is a worrying indication that something is deterring regular visitors from coming back. It’s important to review your visitor statistics through Google Analytics, which is a free tool and is something we at Blue or your web design agency can help you with. Perhaps the design and content is out of date and visitors just aren’t engaging with your site anymore. Whatever the reason it’s important that you speak to your web agency and ask them to give the site a health check. It can probably be put right with a bit of TLC.

Your site isn’t mobile friendly

As discussed in previous blog posts visits to websites done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are growing exponentially. If your site displays poorly on a mobile device and is difficult to navigate using touch screen then you’re likely to lose traffic as a result. Having a responsive site developed that stretches or shrinks to fit a mobile or desktop screen is one of the best ways to deal with the game-changer that is mobile. The team at Blue can give you advice on if this would work for your site so feel free to come in and speak to us about it.

It takes a long time to load and there’s obsolete functions

If your site takes a long time to load then you run the serious risk of people bouncing straight off it.  With today’s quick and efficient technology people simply aren’t prepared to wait a few seconds for a website to load. It could be that there are graphics and functions on there that aren’t needed anymore but take more bandwidth to download, making it frustratingly slow for any visitors on slower bandwidths. A good web agency will be able to quickly spot anything that could be causing a problem and help you to make your site faster

Visitors aren’t exploring further than your home page

Visitors are checking out your home page but aren’t venturing any further, sound familiar? Well that’s a clear indication that it needs refreshing to draw people in. If you’re not even sure what your visitor’s movements are then it really is time you checked out your Google Analytics stats. They will give you insight into what’s working and what’s not and enable you and your web agency to put things right. It may just be a case of making some simple tweaks to your home page with some new text and a sleeker layout.

You don’t appear in search results

If you’re website ranks poorly in the search engines, particularly Google, for phrases that are key to the products and services you offer then it could hint at a problem with your site. While some search terms will be more competitive than others ensuring your site is optimised, has a constant flow of fresh, original content and is regularly updated can greatly improve search engine results.

Blue team can provide expert advice on what changes might be needed to your website to improve its Google rankings but ultimately all websites require constant work in today’s market and their owners need to be prepared to pitch in.

How to undertake a successful website redesign project

Redesigning your website is a good way to reactivate your online business. However, you should remember that upgrading your website should go along with your message and business objectives.

It’s good to be competitive by having a website more appealing and designed with features better than others; but don’t forget your goals. Your success is basically determined by your message and objectives so be strategic when it comes to beating your competitors online.

If you feel that your website is not a magnet for potential customers neither an engine for your business and services, then the time has come to undertake a successful upgrade and redesign project.

The following are some tips to take into account before undertaking a website redesign project.

1. Analyze your current site

Firstly, you should decide on what obstruct the flow of your business online. For example, your current website design might be unappealing or makes the content complicated to be trailed; or it might be lacking a good coding which reflects poorly on the flow of information; or It may be lacking attractive and essential features your competitors’ have; or perhaps you encounter problem in the process of adding content and other additions. Once the problem is determined, move to the next step.

In the next step, you should widen the picture in your mind. Think about your future business objectives as they should be reflected in your redesigned site; mainly in the content. Classify what you want to add to express your far-reaching goals and what should be subtracted to be more focused. Having all these details in mind would increase the possibility of achieving your business objectives efficiently.

2. Your site is a potential source of high returns

You should understand that your new website is a potential source of high returns on investment. Your products and services along with other factors also play a role in bringing such returns.

3. Decide on the right type of site

Be aware that there are many types of sites that fit differently on different businesses. Some of them might succeed in delivering your message and bringing high returns to you more than others. To be enlightened more, the following are two types of sites that apply on websites with commercial interests:

The information provider

Most offline businesses today have information-bases websites; they provide information and details about businesses and services. In this case, the website is an informative tool which interested user browses to know more about your field of work. It’s also a marketing tool that presents details about your products and services which makes it a potential return generator. Interested user browses such websites to make decisions on what meet his/her needs to buy later. Owners of completely offline operation businesses tend to have an information provider website.

In information-based websites, details and facts relevant to products and services is presented in many ways as photos, videos, catalogues, user guises, specification manuals etc. Also, in such websites, there is an area for users to make an inquiry and to leave their contact details to receive a response later. The potential sale is then made traditionally as a salesman or sales representative contacts the client.

The active returns generator

The second type of websites are the ones in which advanced transactional methods are used to bring returns on investment. In such websites, clients can buy online and owners can review every recorded purchase; they can always check the flow of purchases through the site. Among the advanced transactional tools used in such websites are eCommerce transactions, user registration accounts, and modern CRM tools.

Opting for type A or B business would identify your business online. At blue, we encourage you to start with type A then B web business. In this way, you can reposition your website to reflect on your goals and purpose in obtaining online presence and increasing your sales.However, always remember that your website is not just an informative tool, in today’s world, the value of your website lies in its ability to earn you more money and market your products and services.

This leads to

  • Additional value is added to your business portfolio.
  • A marketing channel is made profitable for your business.
  • Growing database of clients.
  • A more IT centric business where you need less human resource to maintain; which means operating in more cost efficient means.

Businesses online are growing steadily and business websites are turning to be important assets. However, to turn this asset into an advantage to your business, redesign one within the context of a greater internet marketing strategy.

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