Web Design & Development


Blue is the vehicle by which your business passes through substantial improvement and sales growth by the favor of our exceptional web design, development, and digital marketing strategies!


Does your current website rust your business? If yes, don’t wait until it gets staler! In Blue, we believe that your website is the main tool of communication with your clients and audience and the source of success and sales. As a leading web solution provider, we are aiming at tuning your site visitors into real paying customers.

We are committed to inspire your businesses by elevating your name in the market, communicating your message, and making raising money easier for you.

Our team of designers cares mostly about delivering Superior Style and Innovative Substance, where substance implies performance, speed, and functionality.


Steer clear of clichés, Blue web experts are ready to design your fully customized website!

Our experts are dedicated to design websites beget extension to your business line and ultimately increase in your sales. We are confident that we have the fuel to inflame your success.


Order Now, we are ready to serve !

All you have to do is to specify your order, and we’ll heat ingredients required to cook a new website or to spice your existing one with new functionalities. Our team of experts has the secret recipe to prepare your customized order, be pleased, and be SERVED.

Our technical aptitude

Our technical expertise stems from our advanced understanding in the field of site development and deployment. We are proficient in framework technologies such as PHP, PhalconPHP, Laravel and CodeIgnitor, and have experience of such CMS systems as WordPress and Drupal.


We are elegantly ready to meet the three central features of any successful e-commerce platform; usability, functionality, and security. Rely on us and be prepared to get rid of admin panels and SEO friendly blueprints.

You website on your mobile

Social sharing via mobile is surpassing desktop/laptops social sharing. Our team is ready to construct and nurture you a website performs excellently on a mobile device. Our work in the area of mobile sites goes back to 2007.

Quick delivery

We are not just keen to deliver the utmost quality, but to do it super-quickly. We develop websites in a high-speed process.

We offer the following in web services:

  • B2B, B2C, C2C Website
  • Content Management Services
  • Dynamic Website
  • Dynamic News System
  • e-Commerce Application Development
  • Flash Website
  • Portal Website
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Static HTML Website Design
  • Website and Application Maintenance
  • Web Directory Development
  • Web Enabled Applications

We Make websites that SELL!


Smartphone and tablets have been a big breakthrough in today’s world. With every passing month, Smartphone’s users’ rate increases dramatically. Correspondingly, We at Blue focus on providing your customers with access to your business through responsive and mobile capable website. Many prospective customers are holding their smartphones now; turn them into real clients right away!


Interactive web design is one of the main attention-grabber. Highlight your USP in a visual appealing and excellently functional websites designed by our team of developers. Designing interactive solutions stems from our belief in user-centricity.


We help you to maximize your brand identity and distinct your brand personality online. We will promote your brand by creating a well designed, developed, and marketed website. Your identity is your brand.

Speedy Delivery

We are ready to undertake a super-fast design process. Our team of expertise has gone through years of experience in the field of web design and development which guarantee our breakneck speeds.

User Experience

We tend to make you a user friendly website by applying a set of market analysis, persona creation, A/B testing, user flow, and other relevant research.  We aim at enriching the user experience!

Full service

We offer a full range of web design and development solutions, including:

  • Content Strategy
  • eCommerce websites
  • Information Architecture
  • Corporate Websites
  • User Experience Design
  • Brand Marketing
  • Micro-sites
  • Copy writing
  • CMS Development
  • Digital Media Services
  • Interface Design

Blue Web Design Philosophy

Following a website design philosophy since 2007, we have experienced designing projects of all sizes, lengths, and types. Throughout our working years, our goal has been to establish a website capable of turning viewers into real customers and prospective sales into successful ones. We have been always looking forward to establishing attractive and functional web designs using our four phase winning design philosophy.


The first step is to define your order; i.e. requirements, needs, and goals beyond your new website. Our role is to grasp your vision, mission, and priorities in a plan with the purpose of bringing life to them.


Next, be ready to participate in the design creation process. At Blue, we label your satisfaction as a priority; therefore, you will be able to evaluate samples of your website design throughout the process. We share as we care. Meeting your expectations and business demands is our concern.


Once your design configurations are agreed upon, your website is ready to be developed by means of high-quality programming features; as style sheets, coding techniques, web content managmenet systems, optimized graphics, and search engine optimization (SEO) etc. We offer to prepare extremely efficient and functional website for you.


To assure 100 high quality and performance, we move to the deployment phase in which we test and tune your website precisely. You are welcomed to watch the development and deployment progress on our development servers. 

Ready For The Next Step?

Our success is measured by results.