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Does your business draw attention? Are there any conversations revolved around your products and services? It’s expected that the answer is yes. In today’s world, the revolution of networks makes it easy to gain attention and online reputation. Our social media marketing strategy would help you in being the center of many conversations over the social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The world has turned into online communities in which people share news, ideas, photos and involve in discussions and debates. Business owners have their share of success in this online world through developing marketing strategies. All of them wish to get their customers keep talking about them online until they become brand evangelists which consequently proves their online presence and success.

Social media marketing and optimization is the process business owners need to have a successful online presence and sales channels.  Through this new marketing method, your content is disseminated into different social media platforms which create brand awareness and publicity. At Blue, we are ready to offer you successful social media marketing and optimization services to be the center of online debates.

Understand your brand

At Blue, the process undertaking to turn eyes on you starts with learning about your business or brand. By this, we are able to create and share interesting and fun content that would draw the attention of many social networks users. In this way, we understand you more in order to have chances to tweet, like, share, and pin your business/brand to social stardom.

Expertise in social media

As a leading social media agency in Palestine, we guarantee that trusting our online marketing strategy would draw the attention of many friends and followers to your business. We would enable your social marketing material to be clickable and approachable.

Engagement all the way

Every social platform works as an engaging mean for audience and users to keep them interactive and always encouraged to socialize. However, every platform has its own strategies and methods. We at Blue help you in establishing your approachable presence in any social platform, be it Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Youtube.

Forums, fans & fun

Forums are important element of social media marketing even though they are not as new as recent social media platforms. Forums’ advantage is that they are easily managed and established. Also, forums are spaces many users visit frequently. However, Blue offers you many solutions associated with web forums.


Below is a holistic picture of social media marketing and the endless possibilities it offers for promotion of a business through the Internet


Social Media Management


Discover how social media marketing is your business forte

Global outreach

Delivering your message is done through industrial or social media. To compare between these two ways in terms of affectivity, speed, and cost, we’ll start by observations about the industrial means. Ads published in this traditional media are not brought out so visible and at an opportune time; not mentioning their high costs. Comparatively, your ads in social media are definitely more visible and within the reach of your customers immediately once you publish it. All they have to do is to click on your ad, almost free. Therefore, tending to advertise cost-efficiently via social media would enlarge your share in the online market and communities.

Variety of forms

As the new rival to traditional advertising, social media triumphs over in developing interesting forms of ads. While displaying mass media and motion ads is restricted to TV, audio ads to radio, and plain text and images to print; social media is capable of integrating all these forms on a variety of platforms.

In social media, promotional videos can be displayed in YouTube, a blog, a website, Facebook, Twitter, and other video sharing sites. Also, in social media, users can have enjoyable experience using many forms together as means of expression and participation; for instance, they can Share videos, pictures, and music, write blogs, discuss in forums, or participate in social networking sites. Social networks, however, make your ads and messages more appealing and engaging.

Targeted accurately

Messages and ads in traditional media have more chances to miss their way than ones advertised via social media. Wrong or uninterested audience is highly expected to receive your message sent via traditional media. For example, TV or print ad is displayed and received by a large part of audience who doesn’t relate to it. In contrast, messages via social media are, with no doubt, directed to the right and interested audience. There’s no possibility for the message to be diffused or lost as it’s delivered to the target audience.

Very instantaneous

Preparing your ad to be published via traditional media takes time to be formed and broadcasted, many days or months. In contrast, ad via social media goes through short-period process in which few clicks can deliver it to the target audience, quickly, and instantaneously. Correspondingly, social media enables you to receive your audience response quickly.

Enriched marketing

Social media allow business owners to promote more effective marketing strategies by a variety of new modes. Advertising via the world wide web, especially social media, is enriched with communication, collaboration, multimedia, and entertainment platforms. This makes marketing via social media the perfect choice in the current financial downturn.

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