Future Iron Pipes - FIP

Future Iron Pipes (FIP) ; a pioneer leading manufacturer and supplier of piping systems. with more than 20 years of experience in the field, FIP provides a full range of coated steel pipes, fittings, PE/PP pipes. Moreover, FIP is holding many international and local accreditations such as ISO 9001:2015, PS076 & PS126 quality marks.

Injaz Palestine

INJAZ Palestine is an independent Palestinian organization run and sponsored by a select group of Palestinian companies. INJAZ is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide which was founded in 1919 with over 10 million students participating annually from 126 countries worldwide. INJAZ aims at strengthening the economic opportunities for Palestinian youth through providing a series of educational and economic courses of a practical nature carried out in schools and universities by private sector volunteers. INJAZ’s programs are characterized by their ability to develop students’ leadership capacities in a fashion that meets the needs of the 21st century, hence expediting their creativity pace, in addition to preparing them for the real world and the world of business, in addition to demonstrating to students in a practical way how utilize and manage knowledge.

UNDP - Solve it

Solve It is an initiative by the Palestinian Prime Minister's Office and UNDP/PAPP that focuses on innovation for sustainable social impact. The Solve It platform strives to bring people together to collectively source solutions to the State of Palestine’s pressing development challenges, privileging open innovation and human-centered design. Business-as-usual approaches to development are not working. Globally and in the State of Palestine, there is a need to foster greater experimentation and adaptability to facilitate development especially amongst the most vulnerable communities. As such Solve It aims to generate new networks of community resilience through prototyping locally sourced solutions while also strengthening public engagement.

AMAN Transparency Palestine

AMAN was established in 2000 as a civil society organization that seeks to combat corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society.  The Coalition was first formed by an initiative from a number of civil society organizations working in the field of democracy, human rights and good governance. In 2006, the Coalition was accredited as a national chapter for Transparency International.

PMC System Upgrade & Residents LogBook

On 2016, Blue Ltd. has upgraded the Palestine Medical Council (PMC) three electronic systems, and conducted an assessment of the current systems and is currently providing post-implementation system warranty and maintenance as required. The PMC e-services include the following three components: PMC Website ( www.pmc.ps): The online portal for the PMC is used for publishing PMC's news and announcements.   Continuous Medical Education Application (CME) ( www.cme.pmc.ps): is an online learning management system and used by doctors to communicate with PMC, apply for different types of applications, register for exams, follow up  on exams' results and receive PMC announcements.    Medical Exam Evaluation (MEE): is an offline examination application for doctors, which stores the doctor's profiles, their exams and results.  A new module along with the three e-services platforms was developed on 2018, it is respobsible for logging & tracking all resident doctors activities in WestBank hospitals during their training period based on their specialization. 

Siba Beauty

SIBA began its journey as a small based soap workshop in the countryside, and has grown steadily to establish a soap production factory.  SIBA’s goal is to continue bringing excellent quality and distinctive products for their customer base, representative of our homeland in its rare biodiversity.   SIBA’s soaps have evolved into a product line, SIBA BEAUTY.  In Arabic, “SIBA” is defines as “youth.”  SIBA’s has found success in soaps and have currently produced more than nine types of therapeutic soaps. SIBA Soaps are perfect for all skin types and their concerns as they have properties that heal, clean, and nurtures.  

Palestine Marathon

The Palestine Marathon aims to establish a running culture in Palestine. It entices Palestinians to move in a new, enjoyable way, provides the opportunity for cultural exchange, and helps build relationships between Palestinians and people from around the world based on a mutual love for running. The event shows the international community another side of Palestinians; it creates international awareness of the Palestinian story, increases knowledge of Palestinian life, culture, and hospitality, and builds understanding across cultures. Moreover, the annual marathon adds value to the Palestinian economy and the tourism sector. The Palestine Marathon provides a platform for cultural exchange and exploration. It attracts thousands of Palestinian and international participants and brings attention to one of the basic human rights that is under threat in the State of Palestine: the freedom of movement.

Faisal Husseini Foundation

Faisal Al-Husseini Foundation offers programs in East Jerusalem for Palestinian institutions which include services in health care, and education for the Palestinian youth. Blue Company launched the user-friendly website and portal for FHF. The portal was designed to assist and encourage teachers involved in a certain training program in a specific school, which includes a goal outline, and timesheet when certain goals must be conducted in a timely manner. A final report is then delivered to an administrator where he/she decides if the teacher’s goals were successfully met.  Besides assisting teachers, Blue Company also designed a special section for students/children “Libraries”. This unique section can help students enhance and encourage their comprehension skills. Students can now read different novels/books and the name of book, students name, and when the book was checked out and returned by a student is recorded. Students are then rewarded depending on how many books they have read, and if the book was returned on time and is in the same condition it was checked out.  With Blue’s assistance FHF can now easily manage their accomplishments with schools, teachers, and students within the Jerusalem district. 

PALAC Website

The development of PALAC.PS website is a collaborative effort between our team and key stakeholders, including the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestine Standards Institution (PSI) for Palestinian Accreditation Unit (PALAC). This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and impactful online platform for accreditation certificates.

Augusta Victoria Hospital

Worked on developing a new website for AVH, taking into consideration user navigations with modern features and easiness to use.

CARE DMS (Monitoring & Evaluation Software)

We have worked on design and develop for a well-integrated data management system (DMS) that supports country office to effectively manage and optimize the quality, storage and retrieval of data, whereby elevating both the reach and impact on its beneficiaries, and helping create meaningful facts endowed with relevance and purpose, that contribute to the existing programmatic frameworks, knowledge, strategies and advocacy efforts. This process includes tracking behavioral changes in some actors or strategic elements that set the causal linkage between outputs and outcomes and impact. Outcome monitoring helps generating indicative information (qualitative and quantitative) of what’s changing and what’s not / what’s working and what’s not, as the project or initiative advances towards the expected outcomes. As per CARE’s approach in monitoring both short-term and long-term outcomes, the DMS should include mechanisms to track impact (i.e. ability to share surveys with beneficiaries).

Bio Adivsory Group

BioAdvisory Services Group, is compelled to find solutions to help people and businesses around the world, in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable. From procuring leading technology products to establishing tailored protocols and trainings for your needs, and provide the necessary solutions.

Anabtawi Group

UNDP - Digital Palestine

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR)

We have developed a flexible, interactive and informative website that is easy to maintain. The website is delivering large amounts of constantly changing information to the organization key audiences. In addition to advertising a user-friendly site with an intutive interface, the website allows for a web-based, database-driven administration tool (CMS) that allows organizations office to easily update both text, graphic and other visual / multimedia content without directly accessing the source code. The website is also integrated with the complaints system by web services.

RIWAQ Organization

RIWAQ’s Monograph Series on Cultural Heritage in Palestine was born out of a response to the dearth of literature on the subject written by Palestinians and for Palestinians. Part of their website was the ebooks platform which include the following features: The platform contains RIWAQ books & publications as soft-copies. Visitors are able to browse and download free publications. Subscribed user accounts are able to view selected publications. Some publications are permissible to be downloaded and others are not for subscribed users. Users can choose to subscribe for one book or more for a selected period (one month or for one year). Platform admin will be able to define new publication and set its variables (title, cost, overview, book cover image) and assign other security parameters. Users can subscribe and pay online by integrating the platform with BOP online payment Gateway.

Vitas Palestine

Vitas Palestine is an extension of the Ryada program, which was established in 1995 and is considered as one of the leading programs of the Global communities (formerly CHF) Specialized in the housing loans field and small enterprise development loans. Vitas Palestine for Lending and Financial Services seeks to enable all people who have the desire and ability to improve their lives to obtain the financial services they need to help them demonstrate their inherent capabilities in order to become active participants in the social and economic aspects of their communities. Moreover, it seeks to provide financial products and services that meet the needs of its clients and promote the long-term development of individuals, companies, families and the communities in which they live in.    

Sada News Agency

Established in 2017, Sada news goal has always been to provide a speedy, accurate news source which is fully independent, both intellectually and financially, and to simultaneously enrich the global Arab thought by providing content which goes beyond the usual repetitive political news items, while still ensuring that the ever-evolving local political news stories are given their rightful place. 

Bethlehem District Diaspora Convention

We have designed and developed Bethlehem District Diaspora Convention (BDDC) website, to be as a gateaway for gathering Bethlehemites in the diaspora, to reconnect them with their roots and develop a sense of belonging, provide them with the opportunity of participating in the development planning of Bethlehem and offer them a heart and mind delighting trip. And to invite all Bethlehemites living in the diaspora to come visit their homeland and reconnect with their roots.  

Bethlehem Municipality

Through this project, we have built a sturdy online platform for Bethlehem City which reflects the historical & religious values of the holy city, besides we developed an integrated web portal that helps both visitors and citizens to easily get information and services. In addition, we have developed the sub-site for BETHLEHEM DISTRICT DIASPORA CONVENTION.

American School of Palestine

The American School of Palestine (ASP) was founded as the Al-Jenan school in 1995. ASP is a K-12 bilingual English and Arabic school located in Al-Bireh Palestine. Blue Company launched the accessible new website for the American School of Palestine. 

My Heritage! My Identity!

“My Heritage! My Identity“ is a project funded by AFD that aims to contribute in preserving and promoting heritage habits along Masar Ibrahim (a community-based hiking trail in Palestine) to encourage Palestinian citizenship and identity. The implementing party for this project was AFARAT center- France, along with ICP – Institute for Community Partnership (Bethlehem University), and Tétraktys -France. The project promotes inclusion and trust and aims to create a sense of belonging in order to positively influence relations between the diverse Palestinian societies. The site was developed to help facilitate access to data and enhance communication and knowledge of all its activities. Furthermore, Blue team has done their best to develop and support the site to achieve the best results for promoting Palestinian heritage practises.

Raya News Network - Raya FM

Raya is a Palestinian radio station that offers music, news, and live broadcasting for Palestinians across the West Bank. Blue Company customized a manageable website for Raya, where a variety of interests can be found. Annual supportive and maintenance solutions are being provided to Raya since 2008.

AUVA e-commerce website design & development

Designing and developing an e-commerce website for AUVA involves a comprehensive process aimed at creating a user-friendly platform tailored to the brand's identity and customer needs. Beginning with thorough research into AUVA's products, target audience, and market trends, the design phase focuses on creating a visually appealing and intuitive interface.

Radio Baladna

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