Tawazon App

Tawazon is an application that provides five to ten minutes of short daily meditation sessions to help users reach their highest levels of peace of mind and relaxation. Meditation is scientifically proven to uplift the happy hormones of your body like serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins which helps reduce anxiety and stress and uplifts the mind. And using daily meditation training for six weeks has been proven by leading universities around the world to have both mental and physical positive effects.   Please access the landing page for the apps: tawazonapp.com

Ajyal Media Network Mobile Apps

We have designed and developed Ajyal Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) recently, the apps have all website categories and news are synchronized automatically between the news website and the mobile apps. They also have the live streaming for the different radio channels for Ajyal. 

Dinu App

Dinu App is a digital menu app used by restaurants, cafes, bars & hotels, which allows restauranteurs to create operational e-menus, increase sales, decrease operational costs, facilitating more accurate ordering of food via Android Tablets or iOS iPads that is used on tables inside the resturant. This project also have another version as iOS / Android Mobile Apps for customers to browse resturants' menus and make their order from home.  All statistics and reports for subscribed resturants and customers are managed by admins through a web dashboard, also resturant's admin have a separated web platform to manage his account data; including digital menu items, chefs, waiters, delivery options, etc.. 

Najah Media Center

We have developed a mobile application called (Najah Media Center) containing (NBC Najah Broadcasting Chanel), (Voice of An-Najah Radio), and (An-Najah Al-Ikhbari nn.ps). The app incorporates live video streaming of the NBC, and audio stream of Voice of An-Najah. It also includes controlled notifications and breaking news for users. We have implemented the backend of the app to manage it by the admin users, and managed the Cloud server hosting for the web app.

Al Marsad Alarbi for Democracy and Elections

We have developed a mobile application that aims to include the technology practices in the elections monitoring process, so that it can be used by any monitor and in any area in the West Bank and Gaza from signing in into the application and dealing with the prepared forms, filling them out and sending them back to the general headquarters so that they are included in the requested reporting indicators. 

Al-Taawon Association

This app acts as a tool for Al-Taawon Association Members of the General Assembly, where they arrange for meetings and specify meetings agenda, inadditional to general info relating to their activities.

Palestinian Police

Complete system in which users can submit complaints anonymously, to be handled by the police. The app offers a complete experience in which you can follow the police news, photos and videos. The app also has sections for wanted and missing people, as well as a section that shows a map with all the available police stations. The user can chat a police operator to elaborate on the submitted complaint and attach any needed photos. The app will receive notifications to notify users about news, complaint updates and new chat messages. The system relies on a backend system, where each police operator has an account in which he/she can view and edit complaints based on the user permissions. Also the admin can push notifications for urgent news or updates.  

LAZMAK.com Mobile App

LAZMAK.com provides the first e-market place platform in Palestine, which was established based on research and studies for the need of the Palestinian market. The developed mobile app was a complementary to the developed platform since 90% of the users prefers to browse e-commerce sites throuhg their mobile screens. The App lists all available items on the web platform with all filter options available for the client to have the product that he is searching for. In addition,  it's the first service in Palestine which provides electronic payment methods via Visa card and credit card, and cash on delivery services, this project was built with high understanding for all logistic operations needed in country and it's integrated with logistics platforms for other companies in Palestine.

Wa7ed App

We have built an app that provides Arabic Interests-based Content Aggregator, the app operates for iOS and Android systems.

National Insurance Company

An application designed for National Insurance Company employees to track accidents, as it can be a valuable tool for improving workplace safety and efficiently managing incidents. Here are some features that was included in such an application: Incident Reporting, Photo and Document Upload, Injury Severity Assessment, GPS and Location Tracking, Notifications and Alerts, Workflow and Escalation, Analytics and Reporting, Integration with Insurance Internal Systems, User Access and Authentication, User Support and Training.

Palestine Medical Council

It is a comprehensive and useful application for medical education and training. By developing applications for both Android and iOS platforms, we ensured accessibility to a wide range of users. Integrating the application with the Medical Council systems is beneficial as it allows users to access necessary details and information specific to their roles. The application caters to various users, including specialists, supervisors, and resident doctors. Specialists and supervisors can evaluate doctors, while resident doctors can record their activities within the hospital. The availability of direct notifications enhances communication and ensures timely updates.

Asala Company for Credit & Development

Our expertise in developing mobile apps tailored to the loan services sector is exemplified by our robust solutions designed specifically for Asala Company for Credit & Development. Through seamless integration with the company's internal CRM, our apps empower users to efficiently manage client details, submit applications, and track changes directly from their mobile devices. With a keen understanding of the unique requirements of the loan industry, we have implemented features that streamline workflows, such as task scheduling and assignment based on roles and associated branches. Our commitment to user-centric design ensures intuitive interfaces that enhance productivity and enable staff to deliver exceptional service to clients. With a track record of successful implementations and a deep understanding of industry best practices, we are proud to offer cutting-edge mobile solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the loan services sector.

Wattan Image Bank


DOREe is a complete ticket issuing system, in which a user can withdraw a ticket for a specific institution for a specific service and get a turn for the requested service based on the ticket number. The system allows for any institution to register as an entity and to list all it’s branches, and assign accounts to those branches with the desired permissions. Each branch admin can then assign tellers and services available it that branch, for each available service or group of services there is a counter, where the admin can define a starting point for it. The system offers basic statistics about how many tickets where issued, and the average time of service for each ticket. For users, there is a mobile app, for both Android and iOS, in which each user can view the list of available institutions and services, and order a ticket for any desired service. The app gives rough estimate waiting time, allowing the user to arrive on time for the service. The app offers push notifications, when a service is due before a specific desired time, as well as a notification to rate the teller and the whole process. 

Post Address Tracking App for couriers

Post address is a local express shipping company in Plaestine, Blue has designed & developed the whole process for orders shipments and the developed platform was the base for this company to manage all processes and team members. The user-friendly interface reduced the amount of work for the user by eliminating duplicate-data-entry. Shipments details are managed with simple workflows. It's an interactive software that suites providing real-time alerts & data-driven business insights for logistics. The scale of this project is somehow the same as Naqel desired platform, with more ammendments that will adapt your inetrnal procedures.

Women's Empowerment Center Tawasol

The Italian Cooperation strongly supports Palestinian women’s socio-economic empowerment and the enjoyment of their human rights through specific programmes benefiting either women’s NGOs and CBOs or PA institutions. So IDCA in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the 11 West Bank Governorates asked for a website to manage the work for all centers. So we developed a comprehensive website for the Tawasol Centres in line with the latest standards on information system accessibility. and enabled each center coordinator to manage the section for their site.

Wattan News Agency

Al Safeer Al Iqtisadi Mobile App

Al Safeer Al Iqtisadi newspaper was launched in 2007 with a definite and distinct mission: to produce and disseminate economic information regarding Palestine. Blue Company designed & developed the mobile app for Al Safeer Al Iqtisadi that aims at providing unique style of economic reportage which would be of a great value of public and private sectors as well as the international bodies active in Palestine. This app has an online payment service to enable interested visitors to get the electronic commerce newsletter via subscribing to this service.   

AlQuds Lifts

Developed professional, modern web portal & mobile app that  is playing a role in promoting, facilitating and strengthening Al-Quds lifts companies’ development and involvement. the companies sites are a cutting edge, one-stop, interactive information gateway for al_Quds Lifts customers. The mobile app was developed for company employees, mainly onsite technicians, to record the maintenance & inspection procedures. The main aim of developing the app is to replace the paper maintenance reports into e-reports, so the technicians can use their tablets to fill up the necessary information online during the maintenance operation through the app, began from opening the ticket until the end of the operation. The direct supervisors could have the ability to follow up the maintenance processes online. The supervisor can check the status of the maintenance operation. The mobile app was customized to work in offline mode and synchronize the added data once it is online. and it was developed to be fully integrated with Al-Quds Lifts internal system.
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