Palestinian Journalist's Syndicate

PJS is affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists, and was established by a group of journalists in Jerusalem in 1976. In February 2010 the latest elections took place and a new board of different political and professional members were chosen by journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Blue Company created a website for PJS that highlights their commitment in defending Palestinian journalists, and support freedom of expression in Palestine.   

Al wasattoday

Al Wasat today is a Palestinian news website. Blue Company created a website for Al Wasat Today, that covers local and international news, economical news, sports, and etc.

Directorate of Education - Ramallah , Albireh

The Directorate of Education is a government organization located in Ramallah, Al-Bireh. The organization aims to enhance the literacy rate and provide education to all Palestinian students.

Rweisat for Wood Art

Rweisat for Wood Art is a women's initiative that have an upcycling workshop in Al-Walajah village located in Bethlehem city.  We have created a website to showcase the work of Rweisat for Wood Art and provide information about Al-Walajah village and its alternative tours can greatly help in promoting the cause and attracting visitors

Jericho Gate

Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company; a subsidiary of Arkaan Real Estate Company was established in 2011 with a paid-in capital of JOD 35 million. The Company is currently developing Jericho Gate project; one of the biggest real estate projects in Palestine; located in Jericho City with a total project area of more than 3 million sqm. The project is being developed with an integrated and innovative infrastructural network that enriches its urban design, making it suitable for the vast variety of its components such as residential, commercial, recreational and cultural, as well as green areas and public services. Jericho Gate project intends to promote sustainable strategic development through investing in varying sectors. Once complete, it will consist of 1,400 villas, 7 shopping centers and the biggest water park in Palestine, in addition to the Jericho Gate tower; which will be a unique real estate landmark in Palestine.  

National Insurance Company

An application designed for National Insurance Company employees to track accidents, as it can be a valuable tool for improving workplace safety and efficiently managing incidents. Here are some features that was included in such an application: Incident Reporting, Photo and Document Upload, Injury Severity Assessment, GPS and Location Tracking, Notifications and Alerts, Workflow and Escalation, Analytics and Reporting, Integration with Insurance Internal Systems, User Access and Authentication, User Support and Training.

Palestine Medical Council

It is a comprehensive and useful application for medical education and training. By developing applications for both Android and iOS platforms, we ensured accessibility to a wide range of users. Integrating the application with the Medical Council systems is beneficial as it allows users to access necessary details and information specific to their roles. The application caters to various users, including specialists, supervisors, and resident doctors. Specialists and supervisors can evaluate doctors, while resident doctors can record their activities within the hospital. The availability of direct notifications enhances communication and ensures timely updates.


Working on updating the current plaform for The Innovative Private Sector Development (IPSD) which is a funded project by the World Bank and implemented by DAI. IPSD aims to support Palestinian startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza through developing a dynamic startup finance ecosystem, improving businesses access and linkages to international and regional markets, promoting government reforms and automating business registration, streamlining and providing a framework for home-based businesses, supporting businesses to survive the Covid 19 Pandemic, and supporting a pilot developing an outsourcing hub in Gaza.


Our team was tasked with designing and developing a landing web page for a Lychee mobile app, with the goal of generating interest and driving downloads among target users. To achieve this, we began by conducting extensive research on the target audience, their needs, and their preferences, in order to create a design and layout that would be both visually appealing and informative.

KIA Palestine

We're extremely proud of the work we did on the Kia Palestine website, and we believe it will help Kia Palestine attract and engage a new generation of customers who are looking for a reliable, high-quality vehicle that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Asala Company for Credit & Development

Our expertise in developing mobile apps tailored to the loan services sector is exemplified by our robust solutions designed specifically for Asala Company for Credit & Development. Through seamless integration with the company's internal CRM, our apps empower users to efficiently manage client details, submit applications, and track changes directly from their mobile devices. With a keen understanding of the unique requirements of the loan industry, we have implemented features that streamline workflows, such as task scheduling and assignment based on roles and associated branches. Our commitment to user-centric design ensures intuitive interfaces that enhance productivity and enable staff to deliver exceptional service to clients. With a track record of successful implementations and a deep understanding of industry best practices, we are proud to offer cutting-edge mobile solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the loan services sector.

LWRM - Data Management System

The program is implemented by a consortium of five Palestinian NGOs, led by PARC, working in agricultural sector and rural development. These are Agricultural Development Associations (PARC), Palestinian Hydrology Groups for Water and Environment Resources Development (PHG), Land Research Centre (LRC), Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and Rural Women Development Society (RWDS). The project achieved the followings: It was designed and developed on dynamic web technology to accommodate the needs for advanced multimedia interactive dynamic web editing, dynamic tagging, dynamic reports, database capabilities, and ability to receive and send information. The PMIS contained downloadable and printable forms, pamphlets, or manuals (in PDF). The PMIS required supports many downloadable and printable documents ranging in size. Those documents are easily changed by PARC staff, when required. Dynamic page editing, with powerful features to enable PARC staff and partners with specific site editing rights to edit the entry on pages each and every day, add or remove content from specific pages. Analytic reports: users of the system from the PARC and partners are able to generate different kind of analytic reports and make available for printing. The reports are based on the information entered in the database by the PARC and partners. Registration process provision: access to members –only sections of the system is restricted to eligible PARC staff and other partners. The PARC determines system administrator(s) that will have the ability to review and approve requests for member accounts. Access policy and guidelines need to be prepared and formulated by the PARC to grant and restrict access to the system members and users. Database repository: the system utilized database technology to store information about beneficiaries and activities regarding the program for easy search and matching. Monthly newsletter: a newsletter that might the PARC prepare on monthly basis on relevant activities can be published on the system and made available for printing. It could also distribute through emails to concerned parties that are registered on the system. Content uploading: this feature is important to populate the system with updated information and sustain the contents of the website. Networking and information sharing: the system serves as an online environment to foster networking, information sharing, discussions, and collaboration among the PARC and partners. Content Management System (CMS): implemented a custom CMS that fits specific needs for this project and not require programming or specialized knowledge to maintain, update, edit, and delete content. is the first web presence for the Palestinian nature reserves launched in 2016. The website was implemented by the Hanns Seidel Foundation with its partners in the Palestinian Authority. We  It aims at raising environmental awareness among the Palestinian Society about the nature reserves in the West bank and Gaza strip by providing information about the reserves and nearby historical and cultural sites as well as nearby services such as guesthouses and points of sale for local products. In addition, it provides simple and user-friendly databases of the Palestinian flora and fauna, ecotourism, interactive maps and pictures that made the website an online educational tool serving different sectors of the society. In 2018, the logo of was officially registered as a trademark . 

Qader e-Library

Besides Qader website, we have worked on developing a special electronic library belonging to Qader for Community Development, which is concerned with publishing studies and reports from people or institutions who work on studies and  researches related to the people with disabilities. The portal has been classified according to the available classifications with the possibility of publishing studies and reports in a way that makes it easier for the visitor to access them according to the filters or the precise search tools present in the internal search panel. Various people, whether researchers, students or institutions, can participate by uploading their files and research through the portal, and they are published after being reviewed and approved by the responsible persons in the institution.

Burj Al luqluq - Ceramics Lab Project

We have built a website for the ceramics-lab for the improvement of the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of Burj Luq Luq Social Center Society, as essential services provider for the local community. This aspect in fact is crucial for strengthening the delivery of basic services to population denied of basic assistance from public institutions, as it is the case in East Jerusalem.

EU Interactive Map

We have developed a web platform for EU projects implemented in Palestine, represented on an interactive map.

UN Human Rights Quiz Application

We have built a single-page application (SPA) that interacts with users dynamically, enabled rewriting the application with new data from the server (database) without reloading the browser. The webpage loads only when users visit the domain link or when they intentionally reload the webpage (browser reload button).  The application was sharable and linked with Facebook. To achieve this, we had built a Facebook App and integrate Social Media and Email Sharing Buttons within the application where users will be allowed to share the webpage link/application with others.   The application design and functions were optimised and in line with the initial design strategy given and with the expected refinement requests from OHCHR oPt.  The application was easy to understand, accessible, and responsive to all devices and compatible with all screens size.   The application was hosted on a secured cloud server with a domain name/link including HTTPS protocol.  We were responsible for the security/corruption of the application.  We were responsible about respecting the users privacy and must refrain from any act which may lead to violate their privacy.

EU Quiz - know Europe

We have delivered a solid and bug free quiz system with neat design that match the market standards and best practices. Linked with a simple reporting dashboard to browse and search both users and results.


Developed a well structured site with all needed features and requirements to have data shown for stakeholders as required, in addition to that we have built a section with filters for all Souqtel projects all over the world on a map view. 

Al-Quds Lifts

Developed professional, modern web portal & mobile app that  is playing a role in promoting, facilitating and strengthening Al-Quds lifts companies’ development and involvement. the companies sites are a cutting edge, one-stop, interactive information gateway for al_Quds Lifts customers. The mobile app was developed for company employees, mainly onsite technicians, to record the maintenance & inspection procedures. The main aim of developing the app is to replace the paper maintenance reports into e-reports, so the technicians can use their tablets to fill up the necessary information online during the maintenance operation through the app, began from opening the ticket until the end of the operation. The direct supervisors could have the ability to follow up the maintenance processes online. The supervisor can check the status of the maintenance operation. The mobile app was customized to work in offline mode and synchronize the added data once it is online. and it was developed to be fully integrated with Al-Quds Lifts internal system.

Wattan Image Bank


DOREe is a complete ticket issuing system, in which a user can withdraw a ticket for a specific institution for a specific service and get a turn for the requested service based on the ticket number. The system allows for any institution to register as an entity and to list all it’s branches, and assign accounts to those branches with the desired permissions. Each branch admin can then assign tellers and services available it that branch, for each available service or group of services there is a counter, where the admin can define a starting point for it. The system offers basic statistics about how many tickets where issued, and the average time of service for each ticket. For users, there is a mobile app, for both Android and iOS, in which each user can view the list of available institutions and services, and order a ticket for any desired service. The app gives rough estimate waiting time, allowing the user to arrive on time for the service. The app offers push notifications, when a service is due before a specific desired time, as well as a notification to rate the teller and the whole process. 

Post Address Tracking App for couriers

Post address is a local express shipping company in Plaestine, Blue has designed & developed the whole process for orders shipments and the developed platform was the base for this company to manage all processes and team members. The user-friendly interface reduced the amount of work for the user by eliminating duplicate-data-entry. Shipments details are managed with simple workflows. It's an interactive software that suites providing real-time alerts & data-driven business insights for logistics. The scale of this project is somehow the same as Naqel desired platform, with more ammendments that will adapt your inetrnal procedures.

Women's Empowerment Center Tawasol

The Italian Cooperation strongly supports Palestinian women’s socio-economic empowerment and the enjoyment of their human rights through specific programmes benefiting either women’s NGOs and CBOs or PA institutions. So IDCA in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the 11 West Bank Governorates asked for a website to manage the work for all centers. So we developed a comprehensive website for the Tawasol Centres in line with the latest standards on information system accessibility. and enabled each center coordinator to manage the section for their site.
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