Taawon Association - Members Portal

It's an internal web platform for managing Taawon Association Members of the General Assembly, where they arrange for meetings and spesify meetings agenda, inadditional to general info relating to their activities.

Financial Inclusion

A unified consumer portal with quality ensured standards was developed to cover all aspects of educational materials for various target groups (including teachers/mtiltiplicators), ranging from explanatory videos about financial products and consequent consumer advice on its use, to traditional brochures, interviews, public events and the offer of direct case-related consumer advice in terms of questions or personal financial stress. The portal is initiated and launched by the PMA under consultation with main financial sector stakeholders engaged in financial education in Palestine. 

Palestinian Businessmen Association

Founded in December 1997, the Palestinian Businessmen's Association (PBA) is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting economic and social welfare through private enterprise. Blue Company generated a website that enlightens PBA vision, also through the website online forms for businesses can be originated.

Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence - HCIE

Developed the official website for the Palestinian community HCIE with is enriched with innovation, distinct performance, in all aspects of life.

Arab & Eastern Mediterranean Pharmacovigilance Network

Is a public website that serves as a platform for knowledge distribution networking and collaboration between civil society, patient groups, policymakers, researchers, and academics interested in advancing drug safety in the Arab and Eastern Mediterranean Region. You can also engage in regional conversations and collaborations, current drug safety news, and upcoming events.


PAL 24 is an Arabic news website. PAL 24 broadcasts local, regional, international, economical, etc news.   

Yasser Arafat Museum

Blue td worked on designing & developing the website for YAM. The website provides general information about the museum such as its location and facilities. Interested users can visit the website to read the news, view pictures, and watch videos. In addition, users can use the website to organize their visits and to read about the museum's future events. The website focuses on allowing users to stay engaged with the museum by having a strong connection to social media websites; hence, visitors can easily share news, the museum’s location, pictures, etc., to social networks.

Post Address

Post address is a local express shipping company in Plaestine, Blue has designed & developed the whole process for orders shipments and the developed platform was the base for this company to manage all processes and team members. The user-friendly interface reduced the amount of work for the user by eliminating duplicate-data-entry. Shipments details are managed with simple workflows. It's an interactive software that suites providing real-time alerts & data-driven business insights for logistics. The scale of this project is somehow the same as Naqel desired platform, with more ammendments that will adapt your inetrnal procedures.  

Wataniya dndn

Wataniya DNDN is a Ring Back tone service Wataniya offers to their customers. With Wataniya DNDN, customers have the option to replace that ringing sound with their favorite music.  Blue team worked on developing the portal interface.

Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy

PCPD was established in 1992 by a group of progressive politicians, academics, journalists and civil society activists within the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967. The establishment of PCPD came as a response to the changes following the Madrid Conference in late 1991 where a political solution through the negotiations between the PLO and the Israeli government seemed to be on the horizon. Since its establishment, PCPD’s focused on developing democracy and increasing awareness on the importance of the aspired peace based on UN resolutions and International Law.


First and biggest e-commerce website in Iraq. Customers can buy through FedShe electronic appliances, furniture and books online. FadShe's goal is to bring the market to your home so saving time and effort. Customers can check out a wide range of local and international brand products on FedShe and request for favorite products in just a few minutes from your home.

Khalil Al-Wazir Foundation

Blue Company worked jointly to create a user-friendly website with the Khalil Al-Wazir Foundation. Khalil Al-Wazir, also known as “the father of struggle” was a Palestinian leader and co-founder of the secular nationalist party Fatah. The website embraces Khalil Al-Wazirs memory through various pictures and accomplishments. 

Palestinian Police

Palestinian Civil Police is a civil disciplinarian body formed by a presedential decree, trained especially to maintain security, law enforcment and implemetation of orders maintain security for peoples possessions, honor, freedom and personal safety.  

Tawasol Center

The Italian Cooperation strongly supports Palestinian women’s socio-economic empowerment and the enjoyment of their human rights through specific programmes benefiting either women’s NGOs and CBOs or PA institutions. So IDCA in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the 11 West Bank Governorates asked for a website to manage the work for all centers. So we developed a comprehensive website for the Tawasol Centres in line with the latest standards on information system accessibility. and enabled each center coordinator to manage the section for their site.

Jafra Palestinian Arts & crafts

Jafra is a virtual mall representing a real mall for Palestinian heritage products. Blue Company urbanized a website for Jafra that highlighted the Palestinian heritage products with high quality and competitive prices. Availability of heritage products and traditional handicrafts, can now be found at Jafras website.

Palestinian Journalist's Syndicate

PJS is affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists, and was established by a group of journalists in Jerusalem in 1976. In February 2010 the latest elections took place and a new board of different political and professional members were chosen by journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Blue Company created a website for PJS that highlights their commitment in defending Palestinian journalists, and support freedom of expression in Palestine.   

Al wasattoday

Al Wasat today is a Palestinian news website. Blue Company created a website for Al Wasat Today, that covers local and international news, economical news, sports, and etc.

Directorate of Education - Ramallah , Albireh

The Directorate of Education is a government organization located in Ramallah, Al-Bireh. The organization aims to enhance the literacy rate and provide education to all Palestinian students.

Asala Company for Credit & Development

We have developed mobile apps for Asala staff & loan officers integrated with the web application that will serve staff needs inside the company and is integrated with client needs to submit applications and track changes, this web application is following-up the management process between departments. Tasks are scheduled and assigned to employees based on their roles, the system is responsible for automatic notifications and KPI measurements based on tasks accomplishments and achievements.

LWRM - Data Management System

The program is implemented by a consortium of five Palestinian NGOs, led by PARC, working in agricultural sector and rural development. These are Agricultural Development Associations (PARC), Palestinian Hydrology Groups for Water and Environment Resources Development (PHG), Land Research Centre (LRC), Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and Rural Women Development Society (RWDS). The project achieved the followings: It was designed and developed on dynamic web technology to accommodate the needs for advanced multimedia interactive dynamic web editing, dynamic tagging, dynamic reports, database capabilities, and ability to receive and send information. The PMIS contained downloadable and printable forms, pamphlets, or manuals (in PDF). The PMIS required supports many downloadable and printable documents ranging in size. Those documents are easily changed by PARC staff, when required. Dynamic page editing, with powerful features to enable PARC staff and partners with specific site editing rights to edit the entry on pages each and every day, add or remove content from specific pages. Analytic reports: users of the system from the PARC and partners are able to generate different kind of analytic reports and make available for printing. The reports are based on the information entered in the database by the PARC and partners. Registration process provision: access to members –only sections of the system is restricted to eligible PARC staff and other partners. The PARC determines system administrator(s) that will have the ability to review and approve requests for member accounts. Access policy and guidelines need to be prepared and formulated by the PARC to grant and restrict access to the system members and users. Database repository: the system utilized database technology to store information about beneficiaries and activities regarding the program for easy search and matching. Monthly newsletter: a newsletter that might the PARC prepare on monthly basis on relevant activities can be published on the system and made available for printing. It could also distribute through emails to concerned parties that are registered on the system. Content uploading: this feature is important to populate the system with updated information and sustain the contents of the website. Networking and information sharing: the system serves as an online environment to foster networking, information sharing, discussions, and collaboration among the PARC and partners. Content Management System (CMS): implemented a custom CMS that fits specific needs for this project and not require programming or specialized knowledge to maintain, update, edit, and delete content.


Mahmiyat.ps is the first web presence for the Palestinian nature reserves launched in 2016. The website was implemented by the Hanns Seidel Foundation with its partners in the Palestinian Authority. We  It aims at raising environmental awareness among the Palestinian Society about the nature reserves in the West bank and Gaza strip by providing information about the reserves and nearby historical and cultural sites as well as nearby services such as guesthouses and points of sale for local products. In addition, it provides simple and user-friendly databases of the Palestinian flora and fauna, ecotourism, interactive maps and pictures that made the website an online educational tool serving different sectors of the society. In 2018, the logo of Mahmiyat.ps was officially registered as a trademark . 
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