Najah Media Center

We have developed a mobile application called (Najah Media Center) containing (NBC Najah Broadcasting Chanel), (Voice of An-Najah Radio), and (An-Najah Al-Ikhbari The app incorporates live video streaming of the NBC, and audio stream of Voice of An-Najah. It also includes controlled notifications and breaking news for users. We have implemented the backend of the app to manage it by the admin users, and managed the Cloud server hosting for the web app.

Tawazon App

Tawazon is an application that provides five to ten minutes of short daily meditation sessions to help users reach their highest levels of peace of mind and relaxation. Meditation is scientifically proven to uplift the happy hormones of your body like serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins which helps reduce anxiety and stress and uplifts the mind. And using daily meditation training for six weeks has been proven by leading universities around the world to have both mental and physical positive effects.  

Ooredoo Palestine

Since 2012 Blue Ltd. has been working with Ooredoo Palestine (Previously Wataniya Mobile) by providing cutting edge technical services for their official website and other internal web apps concerning online services & intranet services. By the beginning of 2019, Wataniya Mobile came a member of Ooredoo Group and thus re-branded as Ooredoo Palestine. We provide support and maintenance services with Ooredoo Palestine since the past seven years.

Taawon Association - Youth Employment Services MIS

On 2009, Taawon Association (previously Welfare Association) developed the Youth Employment Services (YES) program to increase the employability of Palestinian youth. One of the program components is the internship for first-time job seekers. An online match-making mechanism (web platform) is used to connect local employers with fresh graduates and fills gaps in the market. Youth matched with employers receive paid “internships” for six months and the cost is shared equally by the program and the host employer.

Ajyal Media Network

Al Barq Logistics

On-demand business solution designed to unify and streamline core business operations for Al-Barq Company. The developed software helps carriers and transportation service providers better manage the complexities of a multi-modal logistics network due to different routes being used by Al-Barq. All features are implemented and tested for high accuracy results.

MenaCatalyst Foundation

MenaCatalyst Platform was one of our major accomplishments on 2018, it's a platform for a group of talented and committed Palestinians from around the world working to build the “Palestinian virtual global economy.” The delivered platform establishes collaborations between internationally based business leaders and investors from the Palestinian diaspora with local based entrepreneurs and startups.  MenaCatalyst platform has succeeded in reaching out to the Palestinian diaspora to create professional networks made up of high profile impact investors, business leaders and mentors to enhance the viability of local entrepreneurial enterprise.

Maan News Agency

Ma'an News Agency is the main source of independent news from Palestine also its the premier source of independent Palestinian news on the internet. According to a 2007 survey, 95.6% of Palestinians with internet access "frequently visit" the site. As of December 2013, Ma'an News receives the fourth most site visitors in the Palestinian territories. This website is representing the most famous news agency in Palestine, its monthly average of pageviews is 20M+, we are providing them with SEO, Web Hosting, Server Managment, Google Adsense and the ongoing maintenance and support for the website.  


The new design for PCRF website illustrates the projects and updating news about PCRF which has several major programs and projects taking place to help support the development of a sustainable health-care system in Palestine. It is a grassroots organization depending on the support of thousands of volunteers all over the world to help us achieve our humanitarian mission. provides the first e-commerce Marketplace in Palestine, which was established based on research and studies for the need of the Palestinian market. This platform enables merchants to display their products to reach the largest possible number of buyers. In addition to being the first service in Palestine which provides electronic payment methods Visa card and credit card, and cash on delivery services, this project was built with high understanding for all logistic operations needed in country.

Wattan TV - Wattan News Agency

Wattan TV is a news website. Wattan TV reports breaking news, local news, international news, and political analyzes articles, design and developed by Blue team 4 years ago and we also provide annual maintenance and support since then.  

Ministry of Women's Affairs

We were excited to launch the newly designed website for the Ministry of Women's Affairs- Our goal with this new designed website was to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners. We hope you enjoy our new uncluttered design that is easy to navigate, and more user-friendly.

Palestine Investment Bank

The Palestine Investment Bank was established by a group of elite Arab and Palestinian bankers which are known for their banking superior experience.  PIB started operations during March 1995, and is currently operating through its head office in Al-Bireh and its eight branches and five offices located in Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Gaza, Jericho, Bethlehem, Bythoni, and Jenen. PIB seeks to establish a pioneering financial banking system in Palestine, by providing distinguished financial and banking services. 

Al-Taawon Association

This app acts as a tool for Al-Taawon Association Members of the General Assembly, where they arrange for meetings and specify meetings agenda, inadditional to general info relating to their activities.

Palestinian Police

Complete system in which users can submit complaints anonymously, to be handled by the police. The app offers a complete experience in which you can follow the police news, photos and videos. The app also has sections for wanted and missing people, as well as a section that shows a map with all the available police stations. The user can chat a police operator to elaborate on the submitted complaint and attach any needed photos. The app will receive notifications to notify users about news, complaint updates and new chat messages. The system relies on a backend system, where each police operator has an account in which he/she can view and edit complaints based on the user permissions. Also the admin can push notifications for urgent news or updates.  


On February 2016, Blue Company began working with SOS, in order to design and develop sos-palestine official website that highlights SOS Children's Village capabilities. These unique features include SOS’s core principles (mission, vision, and values), community activities and latest updates. Blue also established the website to be viewed differently from a user’s desktop or mobile. The SOS website also includes electronic newsletter management system. On 2019 we upgraded the site to have online payments from donors.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is one of the six political foundations in the Federal Republic of Germany associated with political parties. The Foundation’s main task is to provide political education. It is closely connected to the Left Party, it is a registered non-profit organization, whose most important body is the General Assembly. Its work is supported by the dedication and commitment of a large number of volunteers throughout Germany. Since 1990, the work of the Foundation has been in keeping with its eponym, Rosa Luxemburg, and represents the main current of democratic socialism with an unwavering international focus. The Foundation considers itself committed to a radical perspective of enlightenment and social criticism. It stands within the tradition of the workers’ and women’s movements, as well as anti-fascism and anti-racism. For the fourth year in a row, we provide support & maintenance & hosting services for Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Palestine website including test website for functionality, ease of use and load time, solveing and fixing any problem related to the website.  

Wa7ed App

We have built an app that provides Arabic Interests-based Content Aggregator, the app operates for iOS and Android systems.

Radio Bethlehem 2000

Radio Bethlehem 2000 is a Palestinian broadcasting radio and television station located in Beit Sahur. Blue Company established a new design and CMS for RB2000 on 2019 that highlights all media ranges. 

Jawwal Pay

The National Electronic Payment Company (Jawwal Pay) is a pioneering company in the field of electronic payment and electronic wallet services in Palestine. It was established as a limited shareholding company in February 2018. It received a license to operate from the Palestine Monetary Authority to provide payment services (PSP) and electronic wallet services. At Blue, we are proud of our strategic relationship with this leading company, as we provide SEO services, design, programming, follow-up and technical support for its website.  

Al-Haq Organization

Within its attempt to consolidate the principle of the rule of law, and respect for human rights in Palestinian, Al-Haq Organization has launched its new website, designed and development by Blue Ltd. The new site has been redesigned and programmed using the latest international tools and technologies, and inline with the vision and objectives of the organization, to ensure access to a unique, easy-to-handle, high-speed, secure, and fully-compliant. We have developed a coherent website, allowing users to access all information in an easy and fast way. In addition to having an online specialized legal library that provides services to researchers and public who are interested in the field of international law and human rights. At Blue, we are proud of our strategic relationship with this institution, as we provide SEO services, design, programming, hosting, server management, follow-up and technical support for the website. Ltd, located in Ramallah, is the leading Palestinian association in recruitment. Since its beginning eight years ago as Ltd, the association has played a key role in providing service and building lasting relationships by placing the highest quality candidates throughout Palestine. Ltd has around 400,000 visits per month, more than 50,000 registered job-seekers, with 40,000 uploaded CVs, around 25,000 posted jobs, and almost 3000 active employer accounts. JOBS.PS Portal delivers several key capabilities and features that can be leveraged by employers and job seekers for recruiting purposes, in addition to that, it provides different services such as content, reports, and sms services for the end-users. At Blue, we are proud of our strategic relationship with, as we provide SEO services, design, programming, hosting, server management, follow-up and technical support for the website.

French Institute of Jerusalem (IFJ) - The Invisible Link Project

We have developed a platform for the exchange of practices and methodologies that France and Palestine countries have adopted to cope with covid-19 crisis. The platform will serve as an occasion to discuss the lessons learned and crowdsource new practices to help navigate the crisis. The platform contains a series of videos uploaded on a dedicated platform and focusing on 3 sectors (visual arts, live performance and literature) that will assess how the pandemic has affected the industries in Palestine and France, and the possibilities offered by technologies to keep activities and events going.

Future Iron Pipes - FIP

Future Iron Pipes (FIP) ; a pioneer leading manufacturer and supplier of piping systems. with more than 20 years of experience in the field, FIP provides a full range of coated steel pipes, fittings, PE/PP pipes. Moreover, FIP is holding many international and local accreditations such as ISO 9001:2015, PS076 & PS126 quality marks.

Injaz Palestine

INJAZ Palestine is an independent Palestinian organization run and sponsored by a select group of Palestinian companies. INJAZ is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide which was founded in 1919 with over 10 million students participating annually from 126 countries worldwide. INJAZ aims at strengthening the economic opportunities for Palestinian youth through providing a series of educational and economic courses of a practical nature carried out in schools and universities by private sector volunteers. INJAZ’s programs are characterized by their ability to develop students’ leadership capacities in a fashion that meets the needs of the 21st century, hence expediting their creativity pace, in addition to preparing them for the real world and the world of business, in addition to demonstrating to students in a practical way how utilize and manage knowledge.
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