Create a mobile channel for your Business

Nowadays, the revolution of smartphones and moveable devices has raised the value and usages’ rate of mobiles as a tool of communication.  Relevantly, mobiles play a substantial role in improving the quality of businesses which move toward having an online presence. This online identity makes it easier for customers to engage in ones’ business effectively.


We offer the following mobile solutions:

Responsive design

RD approach enables your website users to view it from different devices’ screens. Your website size can expand and shrink automatically depending on the size of the screen it’s viewed from. However, this approach is basically applied on new developed digital channels.

Application development

Years of experience has given us the ability to master application development for native devices; as Android, iPhones, and others. We can make your Native Application convertible by using one unified toolsets and this depends on the complexity of your existing App.

Standard HTML mobile sites

At Blue, we can make a successful website for your business that can be designed and developed on mobiles.

Layar development

Improve your website to be more realistic. Layar development is a tool by which your website users can see your products and services in an augmented reality setting. Also, they are able to visualize the environment you create for your business.

Location based services

This tool depends on GPS and location specific software by which you are able to advertise to your target group of particular location or interest.

Mobile business integration

Blue offers you a mobile solution in which essential data for your business is gathered. We can develop integrated solutions from mobile to your CRM tools or secure databases to allow you to gather or store marketing information.

Engage your customers with your business by undertaking a digital channel approach


Moving your business to a mobile channel can’t be just considered as a trend. To do better than your competitors, consider developing a mobile channel strategically and with much concern and attention.

Go ahead and create your mobile channel!

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