IVR - interactive voice response

IVR, or interactive voice response system allows phone systems to process touch tones or voice waves during a telephone call. IVR technology is responsible for the menus people hear and respond to when they call up a company or business and hear the words: "press 1 for sales, press 2 for marketing, press 0 to speak to the operator," for example. IVR systems can be fully customized to play back dynamic audio, or pre-recorded menu options.

IVR is not necessarily related to VOIP, however, a VOIP IVR is. Most VOIP IVR systems or software support SIP based VOIP, but Skype IVR also support non-standard based Skype service.

Blue delivers the following solutions for VoIP and IVR:

  1. Unified VoIP Telephony Systems Design and Implementation
  2. IVR Hosted Solutions / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  3. Custom IVR Application Development and Support
  4. IVR Managed Services / Managed Premise IVR Solutions

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