Why you need to be using Facebook adverts

Years ago, business owners used to advertise on newspapers, radio, or on the Yellow Pages. Such means didn’t support their ads to reach as large an audience as social media would. Simply, advertising on social media is more tractable in terms of interest, clicks, and conversions.

Facebook, as a prominent social network, is one of the cheapest ways to capture attention and increase brand awareness. With millions of daily active users all around the world, advertising on Facebook is unarguably a success. As Facebook can be installed on various devices, your ads are capable of targeting millions, no matter what device they utilize, be it laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

What is more interesting is that the number of Facebook users tends to grow in leaps and bound with every passing day. Evidently, according to statistics conducted by a technology focused media company named TNW, “That number has been slowly growing from the 40 percent mark in 2011, through the 50 percent and 60 percent marks in 2012. It moved into the 70 percent range in 2013 and managed to keep growing.” This number proves that Facebook-based promotions are impressively a success.

FB offers valuable networking services perform with a social context which makes it the perfect and supportive tool for your brand.

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Here are other reasons why you should advertise on Facebook.

A one-on-one customer setting

Facebook is valuable as it meets consumers’ desire of personalized interaction. Your customers can engage with you easily by liking and following your fan and business pages. Also, FB provides a one-on-one setting by which your customers receive immediate responds to their queries.

Detailed feedback

The one-on-one setting FB helps you in receiving feedback from your customers. By the variety of tools FB offers to enhance its user’s interaction and experience, you as a business owner are enabled to receive comments and view customers’ experience that would help in improving your business, and being proud of!

Specific targeting

Through its demographic settings and features, FB enables you to target specific interested customers. This marketing strategy makes your ads more effective and precise.

Encouraged sharing

FB enables you to dig into others experiences and share yours. Ultimately, FB facilitates the creation of online communities in which information is shared among agents and word-of-mouth technique is highly involved.

Social recommendations

Adverts on Facebook have the ability to travel passing so many users. Thank to FB spreading strategy by which friends of a person who liked your ads can easily notice this action and join.

Blue’s team of experts can help you in establishing a prominent presence and performing flawlessly on social networks.

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