Sada News wins the Peacock Award as the best digital news site

Sada News wins the Peacock Award as the best digital news site

Friday | 17/03/2023 - 12:24 AM

Ramallah: “Sada News” won the “Peacock Award” as the best digital news site, during the closing ceremony of the Palestine Social Media Summit, which was held for the first time in Palestine on Wednesday evening in Ramallah, with the participation of influencers, artists, and media professionals from inside and outside Palestine.

The CEO of Creative Moments Company, which organizes the summit, Ayman Irshaid, told Sada News that the conference comes in light of modern digital developments, pointing out the importance of having a platform that brings together media professionals and influencers in Palestine to answer the questions and challenges it faces.

In turn, the Palestinian media personality, Izdihar Abu Leil, expressed her pride and happiness to participate in the summit, especially since it includes segments of all Palestinian society, stressing in her interview with Sada News that the summit strengthens relations between attendees and aims to support the Palestinian cause.

For her part, Al Jazeera correspondent Najwan Samri explained to Sada News that spreading the Palestinian narrative and influencing public opinion about Palestinian rights is linked to its credibility, noting the consequences of media misinformation and the necessity of combating rumours.

Journalist Talaat Alawi stressed to Sada News the importance of social media in supporting the Palestinian cause if it is accurate, pointing out the presence of many influencers who speak in different dialects, which conveys the Palestinian cause and discourse at the international level.

The summit was held with the support and sponsorship of a number of private sector institutions, including Jawwal, Palestinian Communications, and Gargour Mercedes Company, in addition to media sponsorship by Sada News Agency.

The summit participants discussed the many challenges facing the Palestinian issue, ranging from the spread of rumors to violations and the closure of Palestinian pages by social media.

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